Launches Next-Gen Color Chip Defect Inspection System

May 29, 2013

Be equivalent to the throughput of monochrome system

Topcon Technohouse has developed the Vi-4204C and Vi-4304C, the next generation color defect inspection system that inspects various types of semiconductor devices. This product improves inspection speed with color image and defect detection capabilities.
This product can be improved increasingly yield ratio of production line by our new software algorithm which is the advance entry function of chromatic coordinate. It is possible to judge with absolute accuracy for color uniformity, irregular color, scratch, and freckles. This function helps to differentiate normal defect and pad mark of prove tester. Also this product has improved usability than existing system. It would be able to speed up for creating a recipe for inspection by using our new developed function. And it is said that color inspection system not so early to inspect due to dealing large quantities of data. To tackle this problem, we have developed a new software algorism of image processing. As a result, total throughput included review of defect is 10 times faster than existing system(*1).


Expected start date for sales : Jun 2013
Expected first year sales : 20 units

(*1) Based on our standard conditions