Launches High Cost Parformance of Chip Inspection System Vi-4202R

Jun 01, 2013

- Lower price and Performance Upgrade

We has deveroped the new chip inspection system Vi-4202R for semiconductor devices. This model  is the Vi-4202 succeeding model.  This product can inspect double
faster than our traditional model Vi-4202 by inproving camera and control PC etc.
It is possible to inspect a 200mm wafer less than 1 minute. And the price of its new system is about half of traditional model Vi-4202. In addition to has auto recipe crestion function, a new software algorism which a higher model is equipped with by default.
The lower price and high performance makes customers to get profit in product manufacturing.
*This product will be released scheduled in july.2013

► Model
: Vi-4202R      
► Released
: July 01. 2013
► Inquiries
: Sales division, Inspection Group
: 03-3558-2504
* Please note that this information is subject to change without notice.