High speed model UA-10 in Luminance & Chromaticity Uniformity Analyzer series is released

Oct 22, 2013

Achieving high speed and high accuracy measurement

Topcon Technohouse Corporation release Luminance & Chromaticity Uniformity Analyzer UA-10, which is high speed, small, and compact model November 1, 2013.
To achieve high productivity in the Flat panel display production line and LED illumination production line, high speed and accurate inspection are required in the FPD and Illumination industries. So the demand of uniformity measurement has been increasing in the production line of Flat panel display and LED illumination.
Luminance and Chromaticity uniformity Analyzer, which is high speed and high accuracy instrument, meets this demand. Topcon original calibration and color correction technology make allow the instrument to save correction factor setting for each color and achieve high accuracy in chromaticity. High speed measurement, the measurement time is 0.3 at fastest, will help with production efficiency and cost reduction in the production line. 
 The UA-10 is the new model in Topcon Luminance & Chromaticity Uniformity Analyzer series. The UA-1000A, which has been released on the market, is high performance model for using in R&D and Quality control. On the other hand, The UA-10 is a basic model for using in production line.
The UA-10 will be exhibit at Topcon Techno house booth in FPD International 2013

      UA-10.jpg         UA10hand.jpg

  • Model name  : Luminance & Chromaticity Uniformity Analyzer UA-10
  • Release        : Nov. 2013