Vi Series New line-up : Add IR inspection function

Dec 02, 2013

Contributes to internal inspection of TSV-via, wafer bonding layers and internal structure inspection of MEMS devices and others

 We are leading the industry in the development of a new type of color chip defect inspection system Vi-4x0cC-IR complete with IR function (near infra-red inspection) for the semiconductor device market. In response to the rapid increase in demand from many semiconductor makers over the past few years for defect inspection on the internal and back surfaces of the wafer simultaneous to the exterior inspection of the chip, we are now the first in the industry to add IR inspection functions to what will be our second generation color chip defect inspection system to answer the diversifying inspection needs of our customers. By adding IR inspection function to the existing color chip defect inspection system, this equipment makes it possible to do the external front surface inspection of the Si-Wafer plus the defect detection and inspection of the internal and back surfaces, and also contributes to internal inspection of TSV via, wafer bonding layers and internal structure inspection of MEMS devices and others.
 Colorizing of the IR image is made possible by the IR function on the color chip defect inspection system, as is greatly enhanced sensitivity to infrared wavelengths which had been insufficient with regular monochrome IR inspection, and it is possible to obtain a much higher Signal to Noise ratio. Its greatest feature is the realization of much more accurate defect inspection when used in conjunction with our proprietary color image processing algorithms. The equipment is made so that it will automatically toggle between color inspection (visual inspection) and IR inspection (near infra-red inspection), and by creating an inspection recipe beforehand, the user can set up an inspection program that combines optional color and IR wafer in-plane inspection. Prototype development was completed early this year and a number of our customers have already been using the equipment on an evaluation basis. From these results we determined that the equipment would be applicable to a variety of semiconductor application inspections, and that led to this series of products.
 The color chip defect inspection system (Vi-4x04C) came on the market this May with throughput comparable to the B&W chip defect inspection system, and has already won a favorable reputation among our customers as it steadily builds in sales. By reinforcing the strength of our product lineup in this series, we endeavor to break ground in emergent markets for our existing customers and pioneer new areas for new clients.