Topcon Technohouse release 2D Luminance Colorimeter UA-200

Apr 01, 2015

~Chromaticity accuracy is on the order of milli-magnitude~

Topcon Technohouse Corporation release 2D Luminance Colorimeter UA-200, which is equipped with Topcon original optical-filter, October 28, 2014.
New UA-200 features Topcon original optical system and newly developed high precision optical filter based on our long-accumulated knowledge of optical technology. The newly developed optical filter is specially designed for optical system in UA-200 and is extremely matched to Color matching functions. New filter combined with our long-accumulated  calibration/color correction technology makes it possible to achieve high color accuracy of ±0.008 for colored light.
Method of Image quality evaluation has been changed from spot-measuring to 2D-measuring in manufacturer of display and electronic device equipped with display. The UA-200 is 2D Luminance colorimeter, which satisfies these customer’s demands, provide high reliable measurement data like a Spectroradiometer.
 UA-200 is newly added to Topcon Uniformity Analyzer UA-series. UA-1000A, which can measure ultra-low level luminance, is suited for R&D application. UA-10 is suited for production line operation and inspection process. UA-200 is general-purpose instrument for widely used in R&D and Production line and inspection process. UA-200 helps customer to sophisticate quality control and reduce cost in production line.
Standard accessory application software is highly enhanced. New functions such as area correction for 25x25 split area, auto extracting lighting area, diagonal shape correction, arbitration spot shape.
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