Huge price revision for 2D Luminance colorimeter UA-200

Jul 28, 2017

~2D Luminance Colorimeter UA-200 will be more purchasable price~

2D Luminance Colorimeter UA-200 is a product to sophisticate quality control measure the uniformity of luminance and chromaticity of EMS, FPDs and Interior panels in automobile.

UA-200 is general-purpose instrument for widely used in R&D and Production line and inspection process, been sold from Oct 2014. For further utilization, we will revise the price of UA-200 from Aug 1, 2017.

UA-200 is developed by our original optical technology. UA-200 is developed by our original optical technology. Especially, XYZ filter are developed by our long-accumulated calibration/color correction technology, and makes it possible to achieve high color accuracy of ±0.008 for colored light. 

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