R&D usage Aligner : TME-150R

Manual operating exposure system
for R&D High performance & compact design

R&D usage Aligner

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TME-150R is an exposure aligner which has been specialized in R&D of Flat panel display (FPD) devices and its materials.
We have over 25 years of experience with LCD and its material manufactures. Especially, TME-150R mainly used for various evaluation of resists which influence on the LCD’s quality. We established as a de-facto standard in this market for a long time.
This product allows for space-saving, and despite being low-cost, has optical performance equivalent to high-end exposure aligner, allowing us to support our customers' cutting edge product development.



■High Resolution
High performance optical systems and high precision mechanical control.
■Various Options
We also provide the option of accessing our know-how, developed over many years,
of evaluating various materials. We make possible the most suitable system construction
for our customers' R&D purposes.
■Small Foot-Print
Based on optical techniques accumulated over decades of experience, we have realized
a high precision and compact optical system, and combined it with a reduction in size for
space-saving needs.

Main Applications

►Resist manufactures
►Semiconductor manufactures
►LCD panel manufactures
►LCD’s color filter panel manufactures
►Touch panel manufactures
►OLED panel manufactures
►LED’s chip manufactures


Main Specification

Work size
Φ50~Φ200mm or □40~150mm
Work thickness
Work type
Silicon wafer , Glass  *LCD grade
Mask size
Work size +50mm、 t=2.3+0.1mm
Exposure area
Exposure energy
38mW/cm2(i-line λ=365nm)、*1kW Mercury lamp
Illuminance uniformity
L/S:7μm *Proximity gap=50μm
Gap setting range
Size W×D×H



  • Band-pass Filter        : i/h/g-line,  303nm, 313nm,334nm
  • ND Filter                   : 50~80%
  • LampType                 : 2kW / 3.5kW / 5.0kW
  • Polarization control
  • Soft contact exposure
  • Multiple exposure control