Wafer Surface Analyzer (Standard Model) : WM-7S

Our bestseller model with over 30-year's
experience and knowledge in this field

Wafer Surface Analyzer (Standard Model)

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WM-7S is our worldwide bestseller of surface analyzer for more than 30 years in the semiconductor manufacturing field. This machine is equipped with the latest original optical system and can be measure with a high degree of accuracy. WM-7S is equipped with bule-violet semiconductor laser which is the world's first wafer surface analyzer in this field.  This laser makes a contribution to reduce the running cost. This prduct is eco-friendly, as well as being of high quality and low-priced.


  • World's first wafer surface analyzer using the violet-LD
  • Drastic reduction of the running cost by using the violet-LD
  • Low price / High performance / Small foot print / Easy operation
  • Available from 2-inch to 8-inch
  • Variety of options


Main Specification

 Light Source  Violet LD (blue-violet semiconductor)
 ► Scan system  Helical Scan
 Sensitivity  79nm  *Bare Wafer
 Repeatability  σ/X ≦ 1%  *99% and more
 Supported Wafer  Bare Wafer / Coated Wafer
 Wafer Size  50~200mm
 Dimension W×D×H  860×900×1,650mm
 Weight  600kg



  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment function
  • High sensitivity mode
  • Haze function
  • Map overlapping function
  • X-Y coordinate output (Communication software)
  • Host communication software