Wafer Surface Analyzer (for Clear Wafer) : WM-7SG

Available for clear wafer by new optical system
Composite semiconductor, Sapphire, and Glass

Wafer Surface Analyzer (for Clear Wafer)

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WM-7SG has been added to our product line up of wafer surface analyzer, to respond to the growing demand of the clear wafer, such as composite semiconductor, sapphire, and glass ware.
TOPCON's original optical system improved WM-7S makes an achievement to measure with highly accurate measurement for clear wafer. This model would be great for R&D department, test production, and small scale manufacturing line.
  WM-7SG is also equipped with the bule-violet semiconductor laser as WM-7. The bule-violet semiconductor laser makes a contribution to reduce the running cost of the factory.



• Available for a clear wafer material
• World's first wafer surface analyzer using the violet-LD
• Drastic reduction of the running cost by using the violet-LD
• Low price / High performance / Small foot print / Easy operation
• Available from 2-inch to 8-inch
• Variety of options


Major Works

° Composite semiconductor wafer
° Sapphire wafer
° Glass wafer


Main Specification

 ► Light Source  Violet LD (blue-violet semiconductor)
 ► Scan system  Helical Scan
 ► Sensitivity  79nm  *Bare Wafer
 ► Repeatability  σ/X ≦ 1%  *99% and more
 ► Supported Wafer  Bare Wafer / Coated Wafer
 ► Wafer Size  50~200mm
 ► Dimension W×D×H  860×900×1,650mm
 ► Weight  600kg


• Automatic sensitivity adjustment function
• High sensitivity mode
• Haze function
• Map overlapping function
• X-Y coordinate output (Communication software)
• Host communication software