Luminance & Chromaticity Uniformity Analyzer : UA-10

High-speed with high accuracy measurement
Best fit for MURA inspection in production line

Luminance & Chromaticity Uniformity Analyzer

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 UA-10 is high speed, high precision, and small size
luminance and chromaticity uniformity analyzer.
 This Analyzer make it easy to create MURA monitoring
applications in various fields of production line system such as FPD device, various electronic device, lighting equipment.
 This product achieve high-accuracy measurement by
using our calibration and compensation technologies.

Lens variation
  0.1~30,000cd/m2 10~1,000,000cd/m2
angle lens
Wide angle
angle lens

UA10SL.jpg UA10WH.jpg



• High-speed Measurement : by using our unique software algorithm
• High chromaticity accuracy : Highly and accurately feedback in chromaticity and  luminance of Verification Standards
• Small lightweight : Best fit for production line as MURA sensor
• Custom-order : Available for high brightness version 10-50,000cd/m2
• 6 type variation : 3type angle lens and 2type luminance range


° A various production line as MURA inspection Analyzer
° Uniformity in the luminance and the chromaticity of LCD, OLED
° Luminance and luminance uniformity of the lighting (Ceiling light)
° Uniformity of light emission for diffusion plate, light guide plate of FPD and other related materials
° Longitudinal data analysis of various light source

Standard software

○The standard software can operate an instrument and collect and analyze data.
○Two type software are available for your usage.
・Standard Edition : Full function are available, including control of UA-200
・View Edition : Viewing and analyzing are available. Can analyze measured data without an instrument.
○New functions
①Variety view function
・Focusing assist
・Multipoint extraction (Max 999 points)
②Arbitrary shape of measuring area
・Select measuring area from polygon, square, and circle.
③Multi-area correction
・Splitting into 64×64 (Max) area and applying correction factor to each area.
④Extraction and measuring of multi bright section
・Multiple bright sections are detected automatically by preset threshold.
⑤Diagonal Correction
・Correcting tilting image
・Diagonal correction is available for continuous measurement by single recipe

○View mode (Current model)
Pseudo Color View   Contour View   Split Spot
擬似カラーs.jpg   等高線ビューs.jpg   分割スポットs.jpg
The difference in luminance or color on the image is presented by using colored image.
Suited for Mura evaluation
  Indicates the luminance and color difference by using contour line.   Image is dividend with grid pattern and show value of luminance and chromaticity in each gird.

Standard Spot View   Random Spot View   Cross Section View
規格スポットs.jpg   任意スポットs.jpg   断面図ビューs.jpg
Four type of measurement according to JEITA standard (EIAJ ED-2522/ED-2710). shape and quantity of spots are changeable.   999 points at max can be placed on the image.   Measured data on the cross-section line is shown as graph. The cross-section line can be selected from cross line and diagonal line.

Color diagram View(x,y/u',v')   3D View   Histogram View
色度図ビューs.jpg   3Dビューs.jpg   ヒストグラムs.jpg
Measured data on each view can be plotted on the color diagram   Measured data show as 3D image.   Statistical graph.
Vertical axis means the frequency, horizontal axis means measured data.

Thumbnail View   Time-series graph view    
サムネイルビューs.jpg   時系列ビューs.jpg    
Measured images show as thumbnails.   Variation of measured data with lapse of time shows    

Measured data on each view can be saved as csv format.
Image on each View can be saved as BMP/JPG/PNG file.




Model type
UA-10SL / UA-10WL
/ UA-10TL
UA-10SH / UA-10WH
/ UA-10TH
Photo ditector
1.3 million-pixel Color CCD
Objective lens
UA-10SL/SH      Single focus lens  f=8.0mm
UA-10WL/WH   Single forcus lens  f=3.5mm
UA-10TL/TH     Single forcus lens  f=35mm
Effective pixels
Data bit
Luminance measurement range
Luminance linearity*1
±2%  1cd/m2 over
±3%  1cd/m2 less
±2%  50cd/m2 over
±3%  50cd/m2 less
Chromaticity accuracy*1
±0.003  1cd/m2 over
±0.010  1cd/m2 less
±0.003  50cd/m2 over
±0.010  50cd/m2 less
In-plane unevenness uniformity*1
Repeat characteristic
Chromaticity:0.002  0.5cd/m2 over*3
Chromaticity:0.005  0.5cd/m2 less*3
Chromaticity:0.002  50cd/m2 over*3
Chromaticity:0.005  50cd/m2 less*3
Measurement time
UA-10SL/WL/TL:Fastest about 0.3 sec 100cd/m2
UA-10SH/WH/TH:Fastest about 0.3 sedc 10,000cd/m2
(include communication time)
Tempreture characteristic
Luminance:±3% (Temperature 0~40℃)
Humidity characteristic
Luminance:±3%  (Humidity:85% RH or less, no condensation)
LAN (Gigabit Ethernet)
Outer dimensions(W×D×H)
UA-10SL   : 90.0×34.0×34.0mm
UA-10SH       : 90.0×38.5×38.5mm
UA-10WL/WH: 86.5×42.0×42.0mm
UA-10TL/TH   :  85.1×34.0×34.4mm
UA-10SL        : about 185g
UA-10SH        : about 200g
UA-10WL/WH : about 170g
UA-10TL/TH    :  about 155g

*1 : Standard sources A
*2: 2σ from 10 times continuous measurement
*3 : (Max - Min) value from 10 times continuous measurement*

Measurement field

UA-10SL/SH measurement field
Measurement distance(mm) 200 500 1000 1500 2000 2500
Horizontal(mm) 110.8 270.0 540.0 810.0 1080.0 1350.0
Vertical(mm) 83.1 202.5 405.0 607.5 810.0 1012.5

UA-10WL/WH  Measurement filed

Measurement distance(mm) 100 200 500 1000 1500 2000 2500
Horizontal(mm) 135.7 271.4 678.4 1356.8 2035.2 2713.6 3392.0
Vertical(mm) 101.8 203.5 508.8 1017.6 1526.4 2035.2 2544.0


UA-10TL/TH  Measurement filed
Measurement distance(mm) 200 500 1000 1500 2000 2500
Horizontal(mm) 23.5 58.7 117.4 176.1 234.8 293.5
Vertical(mm) 17.6 44.0 88.0 132.1 176.1 220.1


   *The measurement distance is the distance from the tip of the metal fixture on the instrument of the objective lens.

Operating condition

 OS Windows 7 Ultimate(32bit/64bit)
Windows 7 Professional(32/64bit)
Windows 8 Pro(32/64bit)
Windows 10 Pro(32/64bit)
 CPU Intel Core i5(Quad Core) 2.8GHz or more
 Memory 4GB or more
 Interface Port Gigabit Ethernet 1port


Product configuration

• UA-10 main body • AC Adapter
• LAN Cable • Universal Adapter (5types)
• Tripod Screw Adapter (4pcs) • Tripod Screw Spacer (5pcs)
• Carrying Case  
• CD-ROM  
· Application software
· Instructions manual
· SDK file
· Parameter file