Luminance Meter : BM-9A

Successor model of Luminance meter BM-9
Detector unit are detachable, light weight, and small size instrument

Luminance Meter

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New BM-9A is small, compact, and handy Luminance meter. You can select detector units from three models, which have difference measurement angles, and you can use the BM-9A for variety purpose.
Detector unit and Main body are detachable, so the BM-9A is suited for integrating measurement systems and using in production lines.



  • Handy, Low price, Multifunction
  • Detector unit can be selectable from three types and can be interchangeable
  • The BM-9A can connect to PC via USB cable. So the BM-9A used in production lines, and measurement system
  • Keyboard unit enable you to enter correction factors and conduct difference measurement



  • Measurement of luminance for LCD,PDP, OLED,LED, CCFL
  • Measurement of transmittance of Polarizing plate, films, and filters
  • Measurement of luminance in Road and Road tunnel illumination light
  • Measurement for sign illumination lights in airports and see port
  • Measurement for medical illumination and electric karte, and Schaukasten
  • Measurement of uniformity of License plate
  • Measurement for variety illumination facilities
  • Measurement of luminance of the leading block for visually handicapped
  • Measurement of reflection light from floor



Display unit BM-9AC
Head type BM-9A20D BM-9A10D BM-9A02D
Measurement angle 0.2°
Optical system Objective lens: f = 36mm F=2.5、Eypiece lens : View filed 5°
Photo detector Silicon photo diode
Spectral sensitivity 6% or less(*1) ※JIS C 1609-1 2006
Measurement distance 350mm~∞
Minimum Measurement area (with AL-13) 9.5mmφ
0.95mmφ (0.10mmφ)
Range of illuminance 0.01 - 280,000cd/m2 0.1 - 2,800,000cd/m2 1 - 28,000,000cd/m2
Accuracy in luminance(*2) ±2% of rdg. ±2 digit (0.1cd/m2 more) ±2% of rdg. ±2 digit (1.0cd/m2 more) ±2% of rdg. ±2 digit (10cd/m2 more)
Display 6digit LCD
Interface USB
Analog voltage output 0 - 3Vmax
Power supply Size AA dry-cell battery×2 or dedicated adopter(option)
Use conditions Temperature:0 - 40℃、 Humidity:85% R.H. or less
(no condensation)
Outer dimensions (W×D×H) 108×191×57mm
(Dusplay unit: 65×131×28mm、 Head unit: 108×60×57mm)
Weight 350g (*3)  (Display unit: 130g (*3)、Head unit: 220g)

(*1) Error from spectral luminous efficiency of the standard
(*2)  : For standard illuminance A, Auto range, 23℃±3℃
(*3)  : non-dry cell battery

Measurement area (Diameter Φ)

Measurement area Measurement distance (*1)
350mm 400mm 600mm 800mm 1000mm 3000mm 5000mm
9.5 11.2 18.2 25.3 32.3 102 173
4.7 5.6 9.1 12.7 16.2 51.1 86.1
0.2° 0.95 1.12 1.82 2.53 3.23 10.2 17.3

(*1) : The measurement distance is the distance from the tip of the metal fixture on the instrument of the objective lens.


Available Accesories

  • Attachment lens
: AL-13
  • Reference white board
: WS-3
  • Tripod
: Tripod 5N
  • Fine control table
: S-4
  • Extension Cable
: 2m、5、10、20、30m
  • AC adapter
: ZV-20