[Only stock]Fluorescent Test Tool : FI-51L / FI-51S

Ideal for various evaluations and
analysis with simple UV-lamp tool

[Only stock]Fluorescent Test Tool

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The fluorescent material has excited and emitted light properties. These properties used to various field such as mineral of tungsten, uranium, gem, and others.

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  • Compact, lightweight, Handy tool and Easy-to-use
  • Using the filter with moisture resistant material
  • Two kinds of wavelength types



Use application / Type FI-51L FI-51S
Detection of harmful fluorescent material -
ROM eraser -
Fluorescent penetrant testing -
Detection of tungsten, uranium -
Mineral beneficiation -
Detection of phosphor
Gem identification -
Foods deterioration test
Fingerprint detection
Fake banknote detection
Germicidal lamp -
Detection of staining intensity




Item Specification
FI-51L FI-51S
Emission Wavelength 300 - 400nm 254nm
Peak Wavelength 約350nm Single-Wavelength
Window Dimensions (W×H) 45×75mm
Power Source AC100V 50/60Hz,  *Power cord : 2m
Power Consumption about 11W
Use Conditions Temperature : 5 - 35℃
Humidity : 85% R.H. or less (no condensation)
Outer Dimensions (W×D×H) 43×60×328mm
Weight 700g