Digital Illuminance Meter : IM-2D

A compact, lightweight and pocket-sized
high-accuracy digital illuminance meter

Digital Illuminance Meter

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This product is a pocket-sized digital illuminance meter with auto range function and wide measurement range. Not only for specialist of electric contractor and designer, but also for the general public. It would be easy for anyone to measure.



  • Wide measurement range and high accuracy with auto range
  • Easy-to-use the turn-style optical head and measurement hold function
  • JIS-compliant A class of illuminance meter



  • Ideal evaluation of lighting facility for building designer
  • Lighting maintenance management of indoor site for factory, shop, school, office, etc.
  • Lighting maintenance management of outdoor for load, park, outdoor facility



Item Specification
JIS Class Conforms to the general A class illuminance meter
Photo detector Silicon photo diode
Measurement Range 0.1 - 19,990 lx / Auto Range
Cosine Correction Characteristics 10° : within ±1.5%,    30° : within ±3.0%,    60° : within ±10.0%,    80° : within ±30.0%
Relative Spectral Response 9% or less (*1)
Measurement Accuracy ±5% of rdg. ±1 digit
Power Source 9V Dry battery (6F22) x 1
Use conditions Temperature : -10 - 40℃,    Humidity : 85% RH or less (no condensation)
Outer dimensions (W×D×H) 68×32×166mm
Weight 180g

(*1) : Error from spectral luminous efficiency of the standard f1

Available Accessories

  • Magnification filter
: 10M