Luminance Colorimeter : RD-80SA

The industry’s 1st tool with measurable
cross-talk, luminance and chromaticity.

Luminance Colorimeter

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The RD-80SA is the industry’s first multiple instrument and capable of being measured response time, screen flicker, luminance, chromaticity and color temperature. Recently, the demand for the 3D TV has increased. There is one of important evaluation items to measure a cross-talk. It is one of the factors that greatly affect the performance of 3D display. This product is most suitable for measurement a cross-talk of 3D display. 




  • Response time, luminance, and chromaticity can be measured while collimating.
  • As small as 0.04cd/m² difference between two lights can be detected.
  • Small crosstalk signal on the sequential 3D display can be measured.



  • Detection of crosstalk on Sequential 3D display
  • Detection of response time, screen flicker, and Gray-to-Gray of FPD
  • Measurement of luminance, chromaticity and color temperature of FPD and LED lighting.



Photo Detector Photomultiplier tube
Optics Objective Lens:f=80mm, F2.5 / Eyepiece lens:5°view field
Measurement angle
Measurement distance 350mm - ∞ (distance from metallic tip of objective lens)
Measurable range(*1) 0.1 - 10,000 cd/m²
Accuracy in luminance(*2) ±3% (2cd/m² or less), ±2% (>2cd/m²)
Measurable range 8 Range (Auto range or Manual range)
Accuracy in chromaticity (*2) (1) ±0.0040 (2cd/m² or less)    ±0.0025 (>2cd/m² )
(2) ±0.01 (O-55,Y-48,A-73B,IRA-05,T-44 )(*3)
±0.03 (R-61,B-46,V-44,G-54 )(*3)
Repeatability in luminance(*4) 2% (2cd/m² or less),    1% (>2cd/m² )
Repeatability in chromaticity(*4)

0.003 (0.5 cd/m²≦ luminance ≦25cd/m² )

0.002 (2cd/m²)

Analogue output voltage(*5) about 0 - 3.4V
Measurement time(*6) about 1.0sec
Analogue output response time(*7) 80μs or less
Display Dot-matrix 20caracters x 4rows with backlight
Interface RS-232C, LAN
Calibration standard(*1) Topcon Calibration standard (23℃± 3℃, 65%R.H. or less)
Power supply Dedicated AC adapter AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption about 34W
Use conditions Temperature: 0-35℃,   Humidity: 65%RH or less (no condensation)
Outer dimensions (W×D×H) 130×319×201mm
Weight 4.3kg

(*1) : For standard illuminance A.
(*2) : For standard illuminance A., Auto-Range
(*3) : For a combination of the standard source A and the colored glass
(*4) : Standard illuminant A, Auto range, SINGLE mode, 2σ
(*5) : It takes a oscilloscope to measure the response time and the cross-talk
(*6) : SINGLE mode,Y-filter, Range-4, Auto calibration OFF
(*7) : The response speed is the time required for the analog output of the instrument to reach 90% of the peak value when measuring an LED driven by a square wave from a function generator.

* This product is adjusted to provide 1,000mV at measurement range 5 for 200cd/ m² of standard illuminant A.
* The upper limit of each measurement range is 3.4V
* Above figure is design reference value, may change slightly according to the machining precision of the aperture mirror. 

Measurement area

Measurement distance (mm) 0.35 0.5 1 5 10
Measurement distance (mmφ) 10 15.4 32.8 169 341

(*) The measurement distance is the distance from the tip of the metal fixture on the instrument of the objective lens

Measurement Range

Range 1 2 3 4
Luminance (cd/m²) 0.1-5 0.5-15 1.5-40 3.5-120


5 6 7 8
15-600 35-1,600 220-2,900 750-10,000


Adjustment function on body

  1. Range adjustment  => Adjustment over and under range voltage level
    • Over range : about 2.0-3.4V * Default 3.3V
    • Under range : about 0.0-1.2V * Default 0.03V
  2. PMT sensitivity adjustment => Adjustable sensitivity of PMT
    •  Adjustable range : about 0.0-1.0V * Recommend : about 0.3-0.5V
    Default : 200cd/m²(for standard illuminant A ) Analogue output 1.00V±0.05V
  3. Analogue offset adjustment => Adjustable analogue output offset
    •  Adjustable : ±1.0V *Default : 0.05V (Dark)


Available Accessories

  • 3D Glass Holder
: GH-1
  • Attachment Lens
: AL-6/11/12
  • Reference White Board
: WS-3
  • ITV adapter
: IA-1A
  • Fiber probe
: FP-3P
  • Mesh Filter
: MF-10/100
  • Tripod 5N
: Tripod5N
  • Fine Control Table
: S-4