[Discontinued]Luminance & Chromaticity Uniformity Analyzer : UA-1000A

Achievement of ultra-low luminance
and high speed measurement

[Discontinued]Luminance & Chromaticity Uniformity Analyzer

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The UA-1000A moves up measuring speed and functionality compared with current model UA-1000.
The UA-1000A's measuring time is about 5 sec (We reduce the measuring time to one third of that of the conventional our products.) , which is fastest level in the measuring instrument field.




  • Wide dynamic range : 0.005-100,000cd/m2
  • High resolution of 16bit : Make it possible to detect very slight difference in luminance and chromaticity
  • High resolution CCD camera : Max 1,360×1,024 pixel
  • Original optical system : Internal design and production



  • Optical evaluation for FPD and its related field.
  • Uniformity in the luminance and the chromaticity of LCD, OLED.
  • Instrument panel in automobile and panel for car audio system
  • Evaluation for light emission characteristics for various application

Standard software

○The standard software can control the UA-1000A and can convert measured data by using UA-1000A into image data.
○Two type of software are included as standard software
・Standard Edition : Full function software for UA-1000A
・View Edition : This is viewer and analysis software for image data recoverd by the Standard edition software.
○Varioud Operations
Pseudo color view   Contour view   Split spot view
擬似カラー.jpg   等高線.jpg   分割スポット.jpg
Software-controled image and 65,536 steps gray scale present the difference in luminance/chromaticity on measuring area.This view is suitable for uniformity measuring.   This view use contour lines to indicate the profile of each tristimulus value.   The Image dividend with grid pattern shows in this view.Average value in the each divided area is calculated.

Standard spot view   Random spot view   Cross section view
規格スポット.jpg   任意スポット.jpg   断面図.jpg
Four type of Measuring standard available such as JEITA standard(EIAK ED-2522/ED-2710).You can customize the measuring spot size and the number of measuring spot.
  At the maximum of 441 spot can be selectable as measuring point.   Trismulus value on the cross-section line is expressed as graph.The cross-section line are selectable from cross line or diagonal line.

Cromaticity diagram
  3D view   Margin highlight view
色度図.jpg   3D.jpg   差分強調.jpg
Chromaticity value on the spot can be plotted on the x,y or u'v' diagram.The plotted diagram can be scaled up.   Tristimulus value on the measuring area is expressed as 3D.   The differences in tristimulus values between a dot and eight its adjacent dots are expressed as color scheme.

Histogram view   Thumbnail view   Time-series graph view
ヒストグラム.jpg   サムネイル.jpg   時系列.jpg
The statistical graphics indicates the frequency of occurrence in the vertical axis and the tristimulus value in the horizontal axis.   Image data with the number, measured data show as thumbnails.   The variation of measured data with lapse of time shows.

*Measured data on the each view can be saved as CSV,txt or Image(BMP/JPG/PNG) format.
 The data and image can be pasted to spreadsheet software.



Photo detector 1.4 million-pixel Monochrome Cooled CCD
Objective lens Focal length 3-level switching system
f= 12.5mm (Wide) ,f= 25.0mm (Standard),f=50.0mm (Telescopic)
Spectral sensitivity characteristic Approximate into the CIE 1931 color-matching function
* This fulfills JIS Z 8724-1997 router condition.
Number of measurement points 1360×1024 (Binning1×1)
Luminance measurement range 0.005 - 100,000 cd/m2
Luminance linearity(*1) ±3%
Chromaticity accuracy(*1) ±0.005
In-plane unevenness uniformity(*2) Luminance : ±2%
Chromaticity : ±0.003
Repeat Characteristic Standard Mode
Luminance : 0.5% (2σ)
Chromaticity : 0.0020 (>0.001cd/m2 ),   0.0025 (≦0.01cd/m2)
High-Speed Mode
Luminance : 0.65% (2σ 0.1>cd/m2),    0.75%(2σ ≦0.1cd/m2)
Chromaticity : 0.004
Measurement Time(*3) Fastest about 5sec
Stability(*4) Luminance 1%
Repeatability(*4) Luminance 2%
Temperature characteristic Luminance ±3% (15 - 30℃ reference: 25℃)
Humidity characteristic Luminance ±3% (at 70% R.H and below, No condensation)
Interface USB 2.0
Power supply AC100 - 240V (50/60Hz)
Use conditions Temperature : 15 - 30℃,     Humidity: 70%R.H. and below, No condensation
Outer dimensions (W×D×H) 210×294×244mm
Weight 6.9kg(Body),    9.6kg(with AL-UA1),    10.6kg(with AL-UA2)

(*1) : Standard sources A, Luminance 0.005 to 100,000cd/m², evaluated on the center of the CCD
(*2) : Center of the CCD, standard sources A, 30 cd/m²
(*3) : Standard sources A, Binning 4x4, High-Speed Measurement Mode
(*4) : Standard sources A, evaluated on the center of the CCD

Measurement field

Lens Type Measuring distance 750 1000 1250 1500 1750 2000 2250 2500
Wide angle inch 23.5 30.5 37.6 44.6 51.6 58.6 65.7 72.6
Vertical (mm) 477.5 619.5 764.0 906.3 1048.5 1190.8 1335.0 1475.2
Horizontal (mm) 358.1 464.8 573.0 679.7 786.4 893.1 1001.3 1106.4
Standard inch 13.0 16.5 20.0 23.6 27.1 30.6 34.1 37.5
Vertical (mm) 264.2 335.3 406.4 479.6 550.7 621.8 692.9 762.0
Horizontal (mm) 198.1 251.5 304.8 359.7 413.0 466.3 519.7 571.5
Telescopic inch 7.7 9.4 11.2 12.9 14.7 16.4 18.2 19.9
Vertical (mm) 156.5 191.0 227.6 262.1 298.7 333.2 369.8 404.4
Horizontal (mm) 117.3 143.3 170.7 196.6 224.0 249.9 277.4 303.3

*Measuring distance is from top of objective lens unit to object.
*The value in this table are design reference values and may differ somewhat from the actual diameter.

Available Accessories

  • Close-up attachment lens
: AL-UA1 (4-16 inch on 553mm distance)
  • Close-up attachment lens
: AL-UA2 (1.4-5.4 inch on 78.1mm distance)
  • Tripod
: Tripod-UA