[Discontinued] Industrial UV Checker : UVR-T1

Ideal for maintenance management of UV irradiation equipment in various industrial fields

[Discontinued] Industrial UV Checker

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Industrial use UV checkered UVR-T1 is ideal for management of UV irradiation equipment used at the ceiling and adhesion process for electronic components, and printing, dryness and mounting for PCB production line.
And also, the sterilization process of various fields
Based on the measurement result of this product, a customer's improvement in the yield can be adjusted by using it for management of conveyor speed, or lamp intensity distribution and exchange time.
Moreover, it can be used also for the lamp maintenance management of equipment in photolitho processes, such as a semiconductor, FPD, and a printed circuit board.



  • Metal body can be maintained a stable measurement. (equipped with heat shield)
  • Multiple measurement function
    Real-time illuminance measurement, Peak data measurement, Accumulated Light Amount Measurement
  • Extension cable make it possible to measure from separated place between body and detector.
  • Built-in memory, RS-232C communication with PC, Analog output



  • Maintenance management of lamp for a variety of UV irradiation equipment
    • Stepper, Aligner, Laser Direct imaging
    • Laser beam machining
    • UV-Disinfection, Disinfection, Reformer
    • UV-Curing, Cleaning
    • UV-surface treatment
  • Development division of UV light source
  • UV Lamp production line for inspection at the factory




Item Specification
UD-T25 UD-T36 UD-T40
Photo detector Silicon photo diode
Optical Detector diameter φ5mm φ3mm φ3mm
Sensitivity Wavelength Range 230 - 280nm 300 - 390nm 350 - 490nm
Peak sensitivity about 254nm about 350nm about 410nm
Illuminance Measurement Range (mW/cm2) Range-1: 0.01-30.0 Range-2: 0.1-300.0 Range-3: 1.0-3000.0 Range-1: 0.02-60.0 Range-2: 0.2-600.0 Range-3: 2.0-6000.0 Range-1: 0.01-30.0 Range-2: 0.1-300.0 Range-3: 1.0-3000.0
Accumulated Light Amount Measurement Range (mJ/cm2) Range-1: 0.01-999.99
Range-2: 0.1-9999.9
Range-3: 1.0-99999.0
Range-1: 0.02-999.99
Range-2: 0.2-9999.9
Range-3: 2.0-99999.0
Range-1: 0.01-999.99
Range-2: 0.1-9999.9
Range-3: 1.0-99999.0
Analog Output 1mV of radiant illumination (mJ/cm2) Range-1 : 0.015
Range-2 : 0.15
Range-3 : 1.5
Range-1 : 0.03
Range-2 : 0.3
Range-3 : 3.0
Range-1 : 0.015
Range-2 : 0.15
Range-3: 1.0
Data Sampling Time/Rate Time: 50Hz(10ms),    60Hz(8.33ms)
Rate: 50Hz(50times/sec),    60Hz(60teimes/sec)
Cosine Correction Characteristics 30° : within ±5%,     60° : within ±25%
Measurement Accuracy(*1) within ±2%
Analog Output 0 - 2V
Interface RS-232C
Power Source Size AAA dry-cell battery×4
Use Conditions Temperature : 10 - 60 ℃,     Humidity : 85% R.H. or less
(no condensation)
Outer Dimensions (W×D×H) 75×202×16mm
Weight(*2) 350g

(*1) For TOPCON calibration standard tool with calibration light source
(*2) without heat-proof cover

Available Accessories

  • Extension unit
: ZV-11 (2m)
  • RS-232C Cable
: ZV-10 (2m)