Instruction Manual & Application Software Download

If you require the latest instruction manuals and application software for our optical measuring instruments, please visit the following links.
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Application Software Version
• Colorimetry Program   CS-900A
• Measurement Program MT-100

Product Catalog

This page contains links to download catalogs for our products of optical measuring.
Please download catalogs by clicking on the respective pdf-symbol (Adobe Reader is required)

 Product Series
 Series  Model  Size
 • Spectroradiometer  SR series  ► SR-LEDH
 ► SR-UL2
 ► SR-UL1R
 ► SR-3AR
 • Color luminance meter  BM series  ► BM-100
 ► BM-5AC
 ► BM-7AS
 ► BM-9A
 • Surface Uniformity Analyzer  UA series  ► UA-10
 ► UA-1000A
 • Illuminance Spectrometer  IM Series  ► IM-1000  [2,030KB]
 • Illuminance Meter  ► IM-600
 ► IM-2D
 • UV Radiometer  UVR Series  ► UVR-300
 ► UVR-T2