About JCSS

Japan Calibration Service System (JCSS) consists of the National standards provision system and the Calibration laboratory accreditation system operated the unified registration system by the amended Measurement Law enforced in November, 1993. 
Under this registration system of JCSS,  calibration laboratories are assessed and accredited as Accredited Calibration Laboratories to meet the requirements of the Measurement Law, relevant regulations and ISO/IEC 17025.
International Accreditation Japan (IAJapan) supports as the accreditation body of JCSS and conducts accreditation process with the system conforming to ISO/IEC 17025 and relevant international criteria.  

TOPCON TECHNOHOUSE has been certified as a provider of optical solutions,
according to the Japanese Measurement Law

 TOPCON TECHNOHOUSE is a certified Provider optical solutions. The company's certification numberis 0073.

  • ilac : International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
  • MRA : Mutual Recognition Arrangement
  • IAJapan : International Accreditation Japan
  • JCSS : Japan Calibration Service System
  • APLAC : Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation



This MRA forms a regional network of laboratories and inspection bodies Accredited by accreditation bodies that have been peer-evaluated and recognized as being competent.
This network facilitates the acceptance of test, calibration and inspection reports in the region, thus contributing to the facilitation of trade and the free-trade goal of “tested/inspected once, accepted everywhere”. 

 The MRA certificate proves applicability among member countries of APLAC or iLac.


ILAC-MRA-JCSS Certificate

We have been a certified business operator corresponding to the Japanese low of Weight and Measure, and will provide a JCSS calibration certificate.


Type of Calibration and Range at TOPCON Laboratory

Type of Service Calibration Scope
Standard Lamp for Luminous Intensity, etc Illuminance Standard Source & Measuring Instruments (Tungsten Lamp, Illuminance Meter) 0.5 - 3,000(lx)
Luminous Intensity Standard Source & Measuring Instruments 10 - 3,000(cd)
Spectral Irradiance Standard Source & Measuring Instruments (Tungsten Lamp) 250 - 850(nm)