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High-dynamic range with high precision, Realized Maximum 0.7sec Ultra-High-Speed, Presentation New Spectroradiometer SR-5A Launch

Topcon Technohouse Corporation (Headquarters Tokyo, Japan / Representative Michihiro Yamazaki ) has developed the SR-5A spectroradiometer capable of high dynamic range and ultra-high-speed measurement of up to 0.7 seconds*1, and will launch it in December 2021.

The Spectroradiometer SR series is the industry’s first optical measuring instrument that performs state-of-the-art optical measurements such as mega-contrast and LED measurements.

It is an optical measuring instrument that contributes to maintaining high product quality not only in R&D of various products but also in production lines in response to the rapidly evolving measurement needs of various light emitting devices. As a leading optical device manufacturer, we have improved the sensitivity with our own optical system by maximizing our proprietary optical technology and accumulated know-how, improved the internal algorithm to increase the accuracy, and significantly shortened the measurement time.

The Spectroradiometer SR-5A is used to evaluate and quantify characteristics that are difficult to evaluate with the human eye or a filter-type luminance meter by analyzing the intrinsic spectrum of an object and for evaluation and quantification of luminescent products.

Spectrophotometric measurement with high chromaticity x: 0.0015, y: 0.001 is possible with high dynamic range from ultra-low luminance of 0.0005 to ultra-high luminance of 500 million cd/m2. High-speed measurement of HDR displays and vehicle-mounted lighting is possible in 0.7 seconds.

It can be used in a variety of industries and applications, such as next-generation displays such as micro/mini LED and OLED, where development speed is accelerating, component related lighting, in-vehicle lighting, university color vision, color vision, and electrical/electronic engineering research.

Furthermore, we guarantee high-precision luminance and chromaticity accuracy by using a light source with secured traceability for calibration of the instrument.

This new SR-5A will be available from December 2021.

Utilizing optical technology and know-how to the fullest, we provide a wide range of products and solutions from ultraviolet to near-infrared rays. Many products are used as standard for optical measuring instruments, and we will continue to contribute to the optimization of customer productivity, quality, and inspection efficiency by actively promoting the development of high value-added products that utilize our unique technology to the fullest.

* 1: Integration time: fixed at 20ms, Measurement speed: High Speed, including communication time (USB)



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