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Following products have finished production.

Products List

  • SpectroradiometerSR-LED

    Capable of direct visual measurement for high brightness LED.
    Successor model is SR-LEDW.
  • Luminance Colorimeter BM-7AS

    BM-7 series for next-generation !
    High accurate chromaticity like spectroradiometer was developed !
  • Luminance & Chromaticity Uniformity Analyzer UA-1000A

    Achievement of ultra-low luminance and high speed measurement.
    Successor models are SR-5000 or UA-200A.
  • Luminance Colorimeter BM-5AS

    Measurable weak optical signal from ultra micro spot, high-speed, high-sensitivity.
    Successor model is BM-5AC.
  • Industrial UV Checker UVR-T1

    Ideal for maintenance management of UV irradiation equipment in various industrial fields.
    Successor model is UVR-T2.
  • Fluorescent Test Tool FI-51L/51S

    Ideal for various evaluations and analysis with simple UV-lamp tool.
    The product has been discontinued.
  • Illuminance Spectrometer IM-1000

    Best solution for measuring next-gen lightings.
    New function PPFD is added.
    • Fluorescent
    • Interior lighting
    • LED Lighting
    • OLED Lighting
    • Special Lighting
  • Broadband UV-Optical Source PU-21

    Ideal for chromatography analysis with synthetic phosphor method.
    The product has been discontinued.
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