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Broadband UV-Optical Source PU-21

Ideal for chromatography analysis with synthetic phosphor method.
The product has been discontinued.


The chromatography analysis with phosphor properties is way to detect the UV light-absorbing material.
This product is designed for this purpose by dedicated wideband UV light source.
Emission spectrum of this product is tuned specifically for obtaining a sharply background of white and color.


■ Wideband wavelength : 250 – 400nm.
■ Compact, lightweight, Handy tool and Easy-to-use.
■ Using the special filter with moisture resistant material.

Principal use

■ Chromatography analysis with fluorescence property
 Natural material, biogenic substance, Medicine, Industrial chemical.
■ Other inspections, analysis
 Police science, Fisheries experiment, Agricultural chemistry, Educational tool, Sanitary facility.


Item Specification
Emission Wavelength 250 – 400nm
Window Dimensions (W×H) 45×75mm
Power Source AC100V 50/60Hz, *Power cord : 2m
Power Consumption About 23W
Use Conditions Temperature : 5 – 35℃
Humidity : 85% R.H. or less (no condensation)
Outer Dimensions (W×D×H) 43×60×328mm
Weight 850g
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