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Spectroradiometer SR-LEDH

Recommended manufacturing process by using ultra-high speed measurement function.


This product is equipped with FIX mode which optimize configuration automatically and achieves ultra-high speed measurement of about 0.4sec.
This measurement time is half as much as our previous model.
The SR-LEDH will be met the stringent demands for high accuracy and high speed measuring, and it is suited for in use in quality control in LED module production line.


■ High-speed measurement (0.4sec) via LAN with FIX mode.
■ Reduced the evenness of sensitivity by our new original optical system.
■ Slim body suitable for processing line and system equipment.
■ Included original software development Kit.(SDK)

* Software Development Kit(SDK)
This development kit provides a convenient tool to develop LAN communication software by customer.
SDK consists of header file, library, sample program which is needed to develop LAN communication software.
You can develop network programming (socket communication programming) by calling library function in module.
The customer can also develop software using Network programming without SDK.
It is possible to control SR-LEDH by PC in the network and also possible to control several SR-LEDH by one PC.

Principal use

■ Luminance, Chromaticity, Color rendering index and Color temperature for LED Back light,LED illuminator.
■ Luminance and Chromaticity of TV, PC, Tablet, Smart phone display.
■ Luminance and Chromaticity of head light and interior panel of automobile.
■ Used as optical characteristic evaluation sensor for system equipment.


Photo detector Electronically cooled back incidence type CCD
Dispersing element Diffraction grating
Optical system Object lens : f= 82mm F2.5
Collimation lens : Range of view= 5°
Measurement angle 2°/1° collimation only (Electric motor drive)
Measurement distance 350mm – ∞ (Distance from metallic tip of objective lens)
Spectral bandwidth 6 – 9nm *Half bandwidth
Wavelength accuracy ±0.3nm *Hg emission lamp
Wavelength range 380 – 780nm
Wavelength resolution 1nm
Measurement mode Auto/Manual (Integral time/Frequency) / FIX
Measurement object Spectral radiance : W・sr-1・m-2・nm-1
Calculation function Radiance Le : W・sr-1・m-2, Luminance Lv : cd・m-2,
CIE1931 chromaticity coordinates x y,
CIE1976 chromaticity coordinates u’ v’, Tristimulus value XYZ,
Correlated color temperature and Deviation,
CIE standard observer 2°/ 10°
Range of guaranteed
illuminance accuracy(*1) (*2)
2°: 10 – 1,500,000 cd/m²
1°: 30 – 4,500,000 cd/m²
Accuracy in luminance(*1) ±2% or less
Accuracy in chromaticity(x,y) (*1) ±0.002
Repeatability in luminance(*3) 2°: 0.3% (10 cd/m² or more)
1°: 0.3% (30 cd/m² or more)
Repeatability in chromaticity(*4) 2°: 0.0005 (10 cd/m² or more)
1°: 0.0005 (30 cd/m² or more)
Polarization error Luminance: 1% or less
Spectral radiance: 5% or less (400 – 700nm)
Measurement time(*5) Approx. 0.4sec
Interface LAN(*6) / RS-232C selectable
Power supply Dedicated AC adapter AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Approx. 33W
Use conditions Temperature: 5 – 35℃, Humidity: 80%RH or less
(No condensation)
Outer dimensions (W×D×H) 98×413×231.5mm
Weight Approx. 5.3kg

*1 For standard illuminance A.
*2 Measurable range in Normal and High speed mode.
*3 2σ from 10 times continuous measurement at measuring angle 2° in normal speed mode.
*4 (Max – Min) value from 10 times continuous measurement at measuring angle 2° in normal mode.
*5 Measuring angle: 2°, Integral time: 100ms, High speed mode, LAN(STB command),
 Color measurement mode.

*6 TCP/IP, Ethernet 10/100BASE-TX.

Measurement area

Measurement area: mmφ
Measurement angle Measurement distance [mm] *
350 500 800 1000 2000
10.0 15.1 25.4 32.2 66.4
4.99 7.55 12.7 16.1 33.2

* The measurement distance is the distance from the tip of the metal fixture on the instrument of the objective lens.


■ Attachment Lens : AL-6
■ Attachment Lens : AL-11
■ Attachment Lens : AL-12
■ Reference White Board : WS-3
■ Fiber probe : FP-3P
■ Tripod 5N : Tripod 5N
■ Neutral Density Filter : ND-10/100
■ Illuminance Adapter : ZV-30

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