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Illuminance Spectrometer IM-1000R

Best solution for measuring next-gen lightings.
New function PPFD is added.


This product is the instrument to measure Color Rendering Index (CRI),
Color temperature, and Illuminance of light source such as LED.
CRI, Color Temperature, and Illuminance specify the color rendering property of light source.
Recently, LED, OLED illumination and various light sources are frequently used as light source as generic illumination, environmental light and plant factory, so the demand for easy, handy, and inexpensive instrument to evaluate irradiance and CRI of LED/OLED light source is increasing.
IM-1000R is capable of wide range illuminance measurement and is used for checking illuminance in the construction industry and inspecting LED illumination product in R&D and factory of the illumination manufacture.

[New function]
PPFD used to evaluate the effect of illumination on photosynthesis in pland factory.


■ High accuracy and reliability: Conforms to the general AA class illuminance meter (JIS C1609-1)
■ Wide range of illuminance measurement: 2 – 1,000,000(lux)
■ Various measurement function: continuous mode / timer mode / random mode
■ Easy meas. in the field: Handy type, Dry-cell battery, LCD with backlight.
■ Application software: Standard accessory, Available for remote control and data transmission

Principal use

■ Generic illumination, environmental illumination.
■ Street lighting.
■ Car headlight, interior.
■ Digital signage.
■ Other various light sources.
■ Evaluation for the effect of illumination on photosynthesis in plant factory.


JIS Class Conforms to the general AA class illuminance meter
(JIS C 1609-1-2006)
Spectral method LVF (Linear Variable Filter)
Photo detector Silicone photo diode array
Meas. Wavelength range 380 – 780nm
Output wavelength resolution 1nm
Meas. Illuminance range (*1) 2 – 1,000,000 lx
Accuracy (*1) Ev : ±2% ±1digit
xy : ±0.0020 (50 lx or more) xy : ±0.0035 (10-50 lx)
xy : ±0.0050 (5-10 lx)
Repeatability (*1)(*2)(*3) Ev :±0.5% +1digit
xy:0.0020 (50 lx or more) xy:0.0035 (5-50 lx)
Visible-region relative spectral response characteristics : f1′ 2% or less
Cosine response : f2 3% or less
Temperature drift : fT within ±3% ( -10 – 40℃ with 23℃ as reference)
Humidity drift : fH within ±3% (without drew condensation)
Meas. range mode AUTO (full/first/adjust), MANUAL
Display modes XYZ, Ev, xy, u’v’, Dominant wavelength (λd),
Excitation purity (Pe),
Correlated color temperature (Tcp), Color-rendering index (Ra)
Special color-rendering (R1-R15), Spectral graph
⊿(XYZ), ⊿(Ev, xy), ⊿(Ev, u’v’), PPFD(*4)
Meas. time (*5) Approx. 0.2sec *Manual mode : 100ms / STR2 command use
Approx. 0.5 – 50sec *Auto meas. range
Display LCD with backlight 128×64dots, Backlight ON/OFFfunction
Interface (*6) RS-232C
Power supply Nickel hydride AA battery×4 / Exclusive AC adapter (option)
Battery life : Approx. 7 hours *when new and full of charge
Operating condition Temperature : -10 – 40℃,
Humidity : 85% or less with no condensation
Dimensions (W×D×H) 70(W)×250(D)×78(H) mm 
*Without beam detector cap and power SW
Weight 640g *Include battery

(*1) Standard light A: In AUTO measurement range
(*2) Illuminance Ev (2σ): [2 standard deviation/average] in ten continuous measurements
(*3) Chromaticity xy: (Maximum – Minimum value) in ten continuous measurements
(*4) Photosynthetic photon flux density
(*5) Depend on the PC’s specification, the use environment and the command receiving timing
(*6) RS232C : Baud rate= 9600/19200/38400, Parity= Odd, Data length= 7bit, Stop bit= 1bit


■ AC adapter: ZV-35
■ Dedicated case: ZV-37

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