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[New] Uniformity Analyzer UA-20series Launch

Topcon Technohouse Corporation be launch UA-20 series to respond to high-resolution measurement needs and trends in November 2022, following the well-received UA-10 series of luminance/chromaticity uniformity analyzer. The uniformity analyzer UA-20 series, is colorimeter instrument, realized 24.5 megapixels of resolution and wide dynamic range measurement at a low price, and is a small and light style that can be used widely from inspection of product line to performance evaluation of development. The UA-20 series launched as a lineup of luminance and colorimetric models UA-20C and luminance measurement models UA-20Y.

It is used in a wide range of fields and industries, including next-generation display panels such as Micro LEDs, Mini LEDs, and OLEDs, VR/AR products, various optical subsidiary materials, optical measurement of automotive parts, and research on color, color, color, electrical and electronic engineering at universities.

Products| Luminance & Chromaticity Uniformity Analyzer「UA-20C

        Luminance Uniformity Analyzer「UA-20Y

Release date| November, 2022

【UA-20 series】          【UA-20+Neutral Density Filter(Option)】



1. High resolution measurement
24.5 megapixel CMOS camera
3 types of lens deformation (standard / wide / telescope)
2. Wide range brightness measurement
Standard: 0.01 – 50,000 cd/m2 / ND filter (optional): 5.0 – 500 million cd/m2
Micro LED, Mini LED Device Assessment
3. Optimal specifications for the production process
Small / lightweight (palm size)
External control SDK provided as standard accessory
4. Analysis software
Measurement / Analysis Application Software CI-100
Features various View modes, measurement results display, and various evaluation and analysis functions


Principal use|

Uniformity measurement of a various displays or backlight
Mura measurement of an automotive meter panel and interior/exterior lighting
AR / VR Mura measurement
Measurement of luminance and chromaticity uniformity of LED lighting and OLED lighting
Measurement of reflection and transmission characteristics of film, etc
Inspection and measurement on production line



Model UA-20CS / CW / CT UA-20YS / YW / YT
Photo detector 24.5 million-pixel CMOS Image sensor
Number of measurment point 5,328×4,608
Luminance masurement range 0.01 – 50,000 cd/m2 / ND filter (optional): 5.0 – 500 million cd/m2
Luminance linearity*1*2 ±2% (0.1 cd/m2 – ), ±3% (0.01 – 0.1cd/m2)
Chromaticity accuracy*1*2 ±0.003 (0.1 cd/m2 – )
±0.007 (0.01 – 0.1 cd/m2)
In-plane unevennes
Repeat characteristic*1 luminance:0.3% (2σ)
Chromaticity:0.002 *4
Measurement time*5 Fastest about 3 sec.
Interface Gig E
Power supply AC100 – 200V (50/60Hz) Dedicated AC adapter
Operating conditions Temperature : 0 – 40°C, Humidity : 80%RH or lower (No condensation)
Outer Dimensions UA-20CS / YS : about 122.8×69.3×59.5mm
UA-20CW / YW : about 131.2×69.3×61.0mm
UA-20CT / YT : about 131.3×69.3×59.5mm
Weight UA-20CS / YS: about 470g, UA-20CW / YW: about 510g, UA-20CT / YT: about 490g

*1 Standard illuminant A
*2 Evaluated on the center of the CMOS
*3 Reference: Center of the CMOS
*4 Max – Min value
*5 This value varies depending on conditions of use.

The information, specifications, and appearance provided in this news release are subject to change without notice.

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