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BlackMURA software UA-20/SR-5100

BlackMURA provides display quality analysis to DFF's vehicle OEM workgroup BlackMURA standards.( Optional software)


Optinal software with the UA-20 / SR-5100.
Control the measuring instrument from a personal computer.
Application software


This program can quantify black mura(Gradient: difference of the peripheral pixels) of the display for automobile and can judge OK or NG.
•Uniformity, gradient characteristics, Caluculation of homogeneity.
•Evaluation of measurement equipment: It is possible to do a condition evaluation required for the standard.

SDK(Software Development Kit) is standard option
UA-20 / SR-5100 through a network PC Providing required module to develop user software, you are able to create a network program (socket communication program) by calling library functions.


Evaluation function
•Uniformity/gradient characteristics evaluation
•Luminance homogeneity
•Absolute and relative gradient value
•Luminance contrast and luminance homogeneity contrast
•Report function
•CSV/Image, measurement data automatic output

Camera profile evaluation
•Center and four corners comparison
•Calculation of resolution
•Calculation of focus

Operating condition

OS Windows® 10 Pro (64bit)
CPU Intel® Core<sup>TM</sup> i7-11700 or higher
HDD 500GB or higher

More than 3GB free space is necessary in the system drive (that is a drive where OS is installed).

If full size measurement is executed, data size of its result is about 3GB.

Memory 16GB or higher
LAN Port SR-5100:USB3.0 Type-A :1port
UA-20:Gigabit Ethernet :1port
Display 1920*1080 or higher, 16.77 million colors (32bit) or higher
Other DVD-ROM Drive

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