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Digital Illuminance Meter IM-600 / IM-600M

Ideal for evaluating next generation lighting with wide range illuminance measurement.


This product is JIS-compliant AA class of illuminance meter.
It has high reliability and high accuracy.
IM-600 is easy-to-use illuminance meter and capable of wide range measurement.
It is ideal for next generation lighting to evaluate, and also there is another type of IM-600M.
This product can be useful for small space and installation of a equipments.


■ Wide range measurement (0.005 – 999,000 lx)
■ Display unit and light sensing unit are Separable with optional cable(IM-600)
■ Multiple measurement function
■ Response time, screen flicker can be measured with oscilloscope
■ Zero calibration function without cap can be installed equipment

Principal use

■ Development and design department for lighting equipment maker.
■ Lighting system performance evaluation for building constructor.
■ Management of light source for plant factory.
■ Maintenance and management of light in factory, school, office, etc.
■ As a measurement sensor of production line or a variety equipments.


Item Specification
JIS Class Conforms to the general AA class illuminance meter
(JIS C 1609-1-2006)
Photo detector Silicon photo diode
0.005 – 999,000 lx 
Cosine Correction Characteristics 【 IM-600 】
10°: Within ±1%
30°: Within ±1%
50°: Within ±5%
60°: Within ±5%
80°: Within ±10%
【 IM-600M 】
10°: Within ±1%
30°: Within ±2%
50°: Within ±6%
60°: Within ±7%
80°: Within ±25%
Relative Spectral Response 6% or less (*1)
Linearity ±2% of rdg. ±1 digit (Auto Range)
Auto / Manual (6 range)
Standard measurement:
Illuminance(lx), Integrated illuminance(lx・h), Integration time(h), Luminous intensity(cd)
Deviation measurement:
Illuminance difference(lx), Illuminance ratio(%)
CCF (Color Correction Factor) setting
Analog Output 0 – 3V
Interface USB
Power Source Size AA dry-cell battery×2 or Dedicated adapter (Option)
Use conditions Temperature : -10 – +40℃,
Humidity : 85% RH or less (No condensation)
Outer dimensions
188×65×34mm, Sensor Unit (IM-600M): 16×21mm
Weight IM-600: 200g, IM-600M: 230g *Non-dry cell battery


■ AC Adapter: ZV-42EX(220V), ZV-42US(110V)
■ Extension cable: 2m, 5m, 10m, 20m, 30m

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