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Measurement program MT-100

Measurement program for BM-9A, UVR-300, IM-600


Software for importing measured data to a PC.
BM-9A, and IM-600 and UVR-300 used by download from Topcon Technohouse website for free.


Perform remote measurement and calibration, etc. through communicating to the measuring instruments.


◾Continuous inspection function
◾Interval inspection function
◾Phosphorescence brightness prediction calibration function (only BM-100)
◾Data save function (CSV format)
◾Continuous measurement function: 1 to 99,999 times

◾Interval function: Minimum time interval 2 seconds
*The maximum continuous measurement numbers x interval steps = 99,999 is the limit of maximum measurement numbers.
◾Phosphorescence luminance prediction calibration function (only BM-100)
Performing calibration with the calculate phosphorescence luminance prediction value for the user-specified material.
Input the measured values for phosphorescence luminance prediction calibration stored in the BM-100 main unit into this software, obtain the phosphorescence luminance prediction calibration results from the measured values, and save to BM-100 main unit.

Measurement screen

Operating condition

OS ・Windows 10 Pro (32bit/64bit)
・Windows 11 Pro (64bit)
CPU Intel Core i3 2.4GHz or higher
HDD 1GB or more
Memory 1GB or more
Port USB2.0 port (One port)
Display 1024×768 or more
Others CD-ROM Drive
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