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Measurement program UA-200A/200/10

Control the UA series main unit and collect and save measurement data and perform various analyzes and evaluations (Standard accessory)


Standard software included with the UA-200A / UA-200 / UA-10.
Control the measuring instrument from a personal computer.
The measurement data is collected, saved, and the measured value is replaced with an image and displayed.
With a variety of information processing, perform efficient evaluation in a short time from measurement to data analysis.

UA-200 series UA-10 series
UA-200AS UA-10SL
UA-200AT UA-10WL
UA-200S UA-10TL
UA-200WS UA-10TH

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Offer two modes mounted as below using for anywhere
-Standard Mode: Perform all functions including control and measurement of the UA-200A main unit.
-View Mode: Viewer for browse and analyze saved measurement images.
Analysis anywhere with measured data.
SDK (Software Development Kit) mounted as standard tool.
Software development kit for externally control the UA-200 etc. from a PC on the network consisting of a header file and a library.

Pseudo color view
Software-colored image and 16,384 steps gray scale present the difference in luminance / chromaticity on measuring area. This view is suitable for uniformity measuring.
Contour view
This view use contour lines to indicate the profile of each tristimulus value.
Split spot view
The Image divided with grid pattern shows in this view. Average value in the each divided area is calculated.

Standard spot view
Four type of Measuring standard available such as JEITA standard (EIAJ ED-2522/ ED-2710). You can customize the measur in spot size and the number of measuring spot.
Random spot view
Max 999 measuring spots can be placed on an image. Shape of measuring spots can be selected from Circle, Rectangle, Polygon (max 127 vertex).
Cross section view
Tristimulus value on the cross-section line is expressed as graph. The cross-section line are selectable from cross line or diagonal line(max.10 lines).

x,y /u’,v’Chromaticity diagram view
Chromaticity value on the spot can be plotted on the x,y or u’,v’ diagram. The plotted diagram can be scaled up.
3D view
Tristimulus value on the measuring area is expressed as
Histogram View
The statistical graphics indicates the frequency of occurrence in the vertical axis and the tristimulus value in the horizontal axis.

Thumbnail view
Image data with the number,measured date show as thumbnails.
Time-series graph view
The variation of measured data with lapse of time shows.
Object color display Measurement view
On the software, the object color value calculates and display result from the white plate data and the measured data.

RGB view
Measurement object is displayed to be close to the actual color.

Save various viewer measurement data as a CSV format.
Save various viewer as a image (BMP / JPG / PNG).


Function Overview
Focusing assistant function Show score values in real-time view for accurate focus adjustment.
Optimization area Set the optimum measurement conditions for the measurement area specified on the live screen.
Image rotation Input the angle directly or rotate the image tilted target on the live view or pseudo color view.
Frequency setting Stable measurement with setting the lighting frequency of the pulse light source.
Trimming Easily trim anyplace in the pseudo viewer with specifying the mouse range.
Chromaticity color (x,y / u’,v’) Display in the color tone of the chromaticity expression color in the pseudo viewer.
Pseudo color bar Slide the color bar of the pseudo viewer adjust the color display range and display widely interval of color arrangement on the lower side limit with logarithmic display.
Chromaticity judgment area Set the chromaticity area applied to the judging results view in the chromaticity viewer.
Section view Set up to 10 of cross-sectional views and simultaneously display.
Polygon setting Set up to 17 polygonal areas in any spot in the random spot viewer.
Judgment result view Judge to pass / fail with setting judgment conditions such as luminance and chromaticity etc.
Diagonal correction Perform the image correction of the tilt angle for area of the luminance target surface.
Arithmetic operations Create a comparative measurement image with the calculate add / subtract / multiply / divide between the measurement images.
Area correction function Apply correction factors each area with the measurement surface divided into areas of 2 x 2 to a maximum of 64 x 64.
Multipoint correction Calculate and apply correction factors for multiple colors.
Black Mura Analysis function for displays that supports the Black MURA standard of DFF’s OEM vehicle group. (Additional optional software program)

Operating condition

OS ・Windows 7 Ultimate (32bit/64bit)
・Windows 7 Professional (32bit/64bit)
・Windows 8.1 Pro (32bit/64bit)
・Windows 10 Pro (32bit/64bit)
CPU Intel Core i5 (4 Core 2.8GHz)以上
HDD 1GB or more
Memory 4GB or more
LAN port Gigabit Ethernet : 1port
*RS-232C serial or USB1.1 : another 1 port is required when using reference instrument for color correction.
Display 1,024×768 or more, 16,770,000 color (32bit) or more
Other CD-ROM Drive
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