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UV Radiometer UVR-300

High sensitivity, Wide range, User-friendly, High performance digital UV Meter.


This product is handy digital UV meter which has various measurement function.
3 different types of optical detector are available.
It can be choose from among them according to customer’s needs.
Measurement range covered up to 280,000μW/cm2, so, it is possible to use in every field.


■ Wide range detection sensitivity : 0.1 – 280,000μW/cm2
■ Multiple measurement function.
■ Capable of data communication to PC with USB and application software.

Principal use

■ Industrial field of using the photochemical reaction
■ Production line with photolithography of SEMI, FPD, PCB and etc.
■ Evaluation and management of sensitive material for print industry
■ Performance evaluation of solar
■ Industrial field of using the photo electricity reaction
■ Electrophotographic print
■ Electrophotographic photoreceptor
■ Biochemistry field of using the biological reaction
■ Erythema reaction、Pigmentation evaluation
■ Skin photosensitivity reaction
■ Management of rearing environment for cattle farmer and fish farmer
■ Management of spindly growth and photosynthetic response
■ Others field of using the sterilizing activity
■ Food processing field
■ Medical cosmetic treatment field
■ Various R&D


Item Specification
UD-250 UD-360A UD-400
Photo detector Silicon photo diode
Measurement Range 0.1 – 280,000μW/cm2
Measurement Mode Auto / Manual (4 range)
Wavelength Range 220 – 300nm 320 – 400nm 360 – 490nm
Linearity ±5% of rdg. ±1 digit (Auto Range)
Standard measurement:Radiant intensity (μW/cm2), Irradiation intensity (mJ/ cm2)
Deviation measurement:Intensity difference (μW/cm2), Intensity ratio (%)
Analog Output 0~3V、 1mV/1digit
Interface USB
Power Source Size AA dry-cell battery × 2 or AC adapter (Option)
Light source for
GL-15(*1) FL20S.BLB(*2) Standard illuminant A
drift : fT
within ±3% ( -10 – +40℃ with 23℃ as reference)
drift : fH
within ±3%
Use conditions Temperature : -10 – +40℃,
Humidity : 85% RH or less (No condensation)
Outer dimensions
195×70×33mm (with detector unit)
Weight 260g (with battery weight)

(*1) Sterilization lamp
(*2) Black light


■ AC Adapter
■ Extension cable : 2m、5m、10m、20m、30m

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